Nuku'alofa, Tonga


April/May 2021




We like to call Australia the lucky country, but when it comes to healthcare, we're not just lucky, we're world-leading.  So we believe it's not only our privilege, but our responsibility to share surgical best practice with the most disadvantages communities on the planet. By bring modern surgery, training, equipment, and community education to where they are needed most, we're not just saving lives today, we're transforming a whole community's ability to save lives ongoing.  And we believe this is truly the most valuable gift we can possibly give to other human beings.


And that’s why we are committed to making a difference to Tonga.


At Open Heart International, we have a long-term commitment to creating local self-sufficiency, not band aid solutions. Our dedication to a region spans anywhere from 5-20 years, or until we’re sure the local team are empowered with the skills and knowledge to continue the work we begin.


That starts with our volunteer teams of surgeons, doctors, nurses, clinicians and educators carefully developing every single program to address the needs and competencies of the local medical team.


It includes us equipping local medical teams with thousands of dollars of equipment so they have the tools, as well as the training, to continue the work when we leave.


And it ends with ongoing follow-up and educational teams ensuring our efforts take root.


Because while saving a life today is amazing, the greatest thrill we get is hearing that operations are being performed long after we've left.


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